Miek Dunbar
UX Designer

I help teams design things that are as beautiful to use as they are to behold

Combining interaction design (things like user research, stakeholder workshops, sketching, wireframing, prototyping, empathy) with communication design (identity design, visualisation, visual design), my approach marries strategic and visual thinking.

This enables designing not just inside the product experience, but upwards and outwards across to other touch points too, such as identity design and marketing communications.

From rapid sketching of experiences to the fine details of visual execution, I have over 7 years experience working within diverse teams to design (mostly digital) products and services.

Highlights include: Work at Smartface creating an online learning platform for The Song Room and an iPad app that allows students in it to create, share and mix music. Work with RMIT University to design a brand identity for Policy Booth, and visual design for the ixDA website.

To learn more and discuss how I could become a valuable member of your team, don't hesitate to get in touch: