Agile Opera

Building a rich resource with RMIT University for the performing arts

The Agile Opera website is a set of public resources for arts organisations to help them adapt live performances into new forms, the result of a collaborative research project between the Chamber Made orchestra and RMIT University.

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The chief researchers approached Miek at the end of the 3-year project to produce a website to help disseminate and archive the knowledge generated by the project.

Through a series of strategy workshops conduscted by Miek, a refined mission was discovered: the main beneficiaries would be arts organisations, with academics as secondary.

This new mission allowed us to make deliberate decisions about how to develop the content, structure and design of the website.

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The website was designed and developed in an ‘agile’ way, with the content writers and stakelholders working together with Miek to iteratively develop and deliver the website.

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This collaborative and iterative approach enabled us to create a more rich, targeted resource for future arts practitioners than we had originally imagined possible.